Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas reading

It's been a busy but lovely day. I'm to tired to even attempt being coherent so I'm off to bed with a festive read.
Let's hope it doesn't inspire me 😂

X x X

Monday, 4 December 2017

How much?

I popped into Waitrose on the school run for a quick peek at the reduced shelf. I found it stuffed full of these Chocolate and orange pots. They looked quite inticing and I loved the little pink ceramic pots they came in. Similar to Gü puddings but much more generous portions.

At 35p each I snapped up 4 (one each for the children and for me. Poor hubby is working). They were the most delicious and decadent thing  I have eaten in forever! 
I would be highly tempted to buy them again or try others in the range, but then I saw the original price! £2 each! 
My 4 puddings tonight should have cost £8. That's crazy! But rest assured I will be snapping them up if any others are reduced to less than 50p each. Possibly a single full priced one for my birthday lol.

X x X 

Messy Hair, don't care!

I usually make my own detangler spray, not only does it cost a lot less than store bought , I can also add a few drops of tea tree oil for headlice protection. 
However today we hit a small disaster. I dropped the bottle when I picked it up and a very cold plastic bottle does not mix well with a very cold tiled bathroom floor! 
So I have picked up a replacement from the pound shop so we can start again. I've tested it out on my own hair and it's certainly done the trick. The fruity scent is a nice change from our usual tea tree scent.
I'm just hoping it meets the approval of the girls. Particularly DD2 whom only let's me brush her hair every few days, if I'm very lucky and the planet's are perfectly aligned. Lol.
I will let you know how I get on.

X x X

Elf update

On the 2nd the Elves brought us some cold cooking to make.

Melted snowmen went down very well with the small people. Om nom nom.

On the 3rd they popped the Christmas tree up for us over night. We found them playing in the branches.

And this morning they had decorated the tree with underpants and left a bucket of  real decorations for us to use after school. 
DD2 told everyone we met on the school run about our underpants tree. She thought it was hilarious!

X x X

Friday, 1 December 2017

Thursday, 30 November 2017


Mr.G was super warm and toasty this morning. In fact I think he was the warmest out of all of us. Tomorrow I am definitely wearing an extra pair of socks tomorrow to keep my toes warm.

X x X

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Keeping G warm.

My poor little Gman has been feeling the cold on the school runs. Because it's a bit of a speed trial getting the girls in two places almost at once, Gman is strapped into the buggy. But because he's not running about like the mad lunatic he is, he gets very chilly.

I've been hunting for a snow suit in charity shops, freegle, Freecycle and ebay. As you can probably guess the cheapest time to get them is during a heat wave, not during a massive cold snap when everyone wants one.
So I've given in and bought a brand new one from Asda for him. At £14 It's less than the £20 budget I had in my head for a new suit, and I will of course be carefully storing it for future use. 
 I'm hoping for a much more snuggly warm Gman tomorrow morning, I just hope he doesn't notice it has pockets and hides anything icky in them lol. 

X x x