Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Hubbys new toy

We decided to treat ourselves to a tasty Wetherspoons breakfast this morning. We had an hour to kill between the school run and Tuesday morning rhyme time at the library.
Gman loves his mini fry up just as much as giant clone enjoys his full sized one.

With a few minutes left to spare we popped into Wilko to see what was in the clearance section. It's the time of year when the Christmas stocks begins to arrive so there is plenty to be found. 
Hubby was very pleased to pick up this Christmas light projector. We saw several people using them last year to decorate their homes, and Hubby was really impressed by them. 
You can probably guess what he's playing with in the garden right now lol.

X x X

Monday, 18 September 2017

Little bargains

I popped into Waitrose at just the right time today. I usually pop in on the school run for cheap breakfast pastries. They seem to reduce them about 2pm in the bakery section. 
Today however there was a big trolley of fruits and vegetables to look through as well.
I snaffled;
2x 4 packs of burger bun  80p - reduced to 35p each
Vegetable pack  - £1 - reduced to 35p
Mandarins - £3.50 - reduced to £1.25

Tomorrow I will be making some vegetable soup for lunch, the rolls were eaten tonight with sausages and the mandarins will be popped into lunch boxes and after school snack packs.

I also spotted these sweet little stationary sets in Poundland. (I'm still avoiding poundworld) they are just perfect for popping into the children's stockings. I've popped them into the present cupboard for now but I need to start a notebook to keep track of bits.

X x X 

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Shining my sink

Sigh*  I just don't feel like I'm making a dent in the household chores at the moment. Although I'm aware my current energy levels are not really helping matters. 
So I'm turning to an old friend for support and getting life back on track the flylady way.

It's gentle enough to do step by step and build up day by day, yet at the same time big enough to see improvement each day.
And we all know were flylady starts. The kitchen sink.

It is now clutter free with fresh smelling drains and a shiny surface.  It really has lifted my spirits Every time I've entered the  kitchen. 

Tomorrow I will be dressing to shoes and tackling some clutter in the current flyzone.  Watch out world, this mummy is getting back in control.

X x X

Conker Folk Art

We spent a happy grey afternoon crafting. Using conkers, yarn and bamboo skewers we made some lovely hanging art work to display. 

Both of the girls enjoyed winding the wool round and round the spokes. Sadly I have no photos of DD2 crafting as she decided it was an activity best completed in the nude, lol. 
Gman was happiest rolling conkers and balls of yarn around on the floor so I left him to it. 
I think they'd look quite pleasing displayed together in a window but we shall see what the little ladies have planned for their masterpieces

X x X

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Feeling rotten

Today has sucked.
I've spent the morning kneeling by the loo and the afternoon  sleeping.
11am to 4.40pm! 

Hubby has been an absolute Angel and taken care of the kids and the house. 
This evening isn't going much better sadly. 

All I can do is remind myself there is good reason for it. (Shhhhhh to those super intuition types)

X x x

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Collecting Conkers

Yesterday we popped to the park after school. We had half an hour to kill before Hubby finished work and we could travel home together.
We spent the time collecting conkers. Our local park has several enormous trees all of them dripping with conkers.  

The girls particularly enjoyed stamping on the freshly fallen husks to break them open. Gman had the important job of putting them in the collecting bag. 

This morning Gman has enjoyed sorting them into an empty sweet box. He also enjoyed pouring them from one box to another and back again.
Our after school activities are going to have a distinct theme for a while!

X x X

Monday, 11 September 2017

Poundworld rant

I love poundshops. They are a constant source of inspiration and cheap entertainment.
But I don't like them when they lie or trick their customers.
I'm looking at you Poundworld!
Your own shop signage declares "everything a £1"  but that isn't true is It? I could forgive the manager special bins by the till. Speakers and feather pillows for £5 etc. It was always very obvious.
But now randomly priced things are appearing on regular selves, often with no hint of pricing. Until you get to the till and end up paying 2 or 3 times at much as you originally believed. 
The stamp set above cost £2, I picked it up along with a few other items thinking it would be priced at £1. I know your sneaky tricks so I checked the shelve edge in front of them, the box they were displayed in (another sneaky tactic) and asked your own staff if they were only £1. They checked the shelf and box, and assured me that yes they were £1.

If your own staff can't tell the prices of things, how on earth are your customers supposed to?

I think I will just avoid Poundworld in future.
There are much more honest poundshops to visit.

X x x