Wednesday, 12 July 2017

HUGE soap

Hello lovely readers. 
You may remember me mentioning that I won a posh bar of soap at the recent school fete we attended. I hadn't really thought about it at the time, but it's a HUGE bar, with no hope of fitting into my little soap dish.

I emailed a soap making friend of mine for advice on hacking it into smaller chunks. A hot sharp knife or cheese wire is the answer. 

She also advised keeping the chunks in the airing cupboard to dry out and make them last longer. 
So they are now living in unlidded jam jars waiting to be used, with the added bonus of scenting my household linens with a gorgeous rose scent.

X x X

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Now you see it...

We're slowly but surely redecorating the house at the moment. Currently we're working on the second half of the down stairs hallway. One of the parts that bother me the most is the ugly Internet router. 

I saw a cracking idea on Pinterest a few days ago. I just needed to find a hardback book the right size. A few quick snips along the internal binding and...

Now my ugly router is much nicer to look at! Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and one that cost me all of 20p! 

X x X

Hidden needy

I was contacted a few days ago by someone I hadn't spoken in probably a year. She was a neighbour from the far end of the street, someone who I'm only on waving and nodding terms with these days. We used to exchange small talk most days on the preschool run but our daughters had gone to different local schools, and people drift apart.
She asked me for money, she'd run out of gas and electric and had no money until the end of the week. She was desperate and apologised over and over for needing to ask.

As a rule I don't hand out money. I'll lend you £1 because you don't have change for the bus etc but never usually more than that. I don't have money to just hand out like that. But I do have plenty of resources. 
 Yesterday her daughter joined us for dinner and had a nice hot shower. Her mum refused to join us, so I sent the daughter home with a boxed up dinner. I'm hoping mum ate it, I notice she's lost weight. 
I've told them both the offer of hot meals and hot showers lasts for as long as they need it.
The whole thing has made me wonder how many people in the street are struggling without being noticed or feeling able to ask for help? This world can be a lonely and cruel place sometimes. Keep your eyes wide open folks, you might just spot someone you can help.

X x X

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Weekend round up.

On Friday this cheeky young man had his first haircut. Hopefully he'll been feeling a little bit cooler with shorter hair. It's made him look so much older suddenly though, where has my baby boy gone?

On Saturday we were melting and grumpy from the heat. The afternoon was spent in a nice cool bubble bath where we rescued small plastic toys from giant icecubes. 
It was a new activity we hadn't tried before but I highly recommend it. It costs next to nothing and can be on standby in the freezer for the next heat wave.

We also ate ice creams. Does anyone know why toddlers always eat the bottom of the cone first? Almost every parent I speak to had dealt with this phenomena and I'm sure there must be something to it.

Today we went to a local summer fayre. It was one of those lovely ones where the PTA man all the stalls and everything costs 20p/50p. We all enjoyed watching the country dancing, dog agility show and playing on the school playground equipment.

We all had a go on the Tombola and walked away with 4 prizes. A can of ginger beer, a yankee candle, posh soap and a tube of Marks and Spencer body lotion. 
 DD2 was very proud of her prize and fell asleep clutching it on the way home.I'm predicting the next few days will have a distinctive shea butter scent lol.

 Over all its been a very pleasant weekend. 
What have you all been up to?

X x x

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Thursday Tales

DD1 had a taster morning at her junior school today. It seems to have gone well, she found some friends in the playground from our twirling team, which really helped. Nothing is cooler than having friends in older year groups she tells me, bless her. 

Today's after school activities were butterfly related (of course!). We talked about how butterflies eat with their proboscis. I made simple card flowers with a hole in the centre and the girls went from flower to flower using their straw proboscis to sip the nectar. 

We also tried a simple static electricity experiment. Rubbing a balloon on a towel we created enough static charge to make the tissue paper butterfly flap it's wings. I then explained how it worked (mostly to DD1, DD2 declared it magic and wandered off)

We also played with Gmans new board game. I'd picked it up as it was Thomas the tank themed and he liked the little train shaped counters. It had most of the little cardboard counters missing and no instructions but that didn't bother the three of them at all.
In fact all three of them are playing completely different games in this photo, and just sharing the space nicely. 
Luckily I've discovered pennies are the perfect size and weight to replace the missing counters and found the instructions online so tomorrow we can sit down and play it correctly. That's if I'm allowed to join in lol, they might prefer to do it their way instead.

X x X

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Cress Caterpillars

DD2'S class are raising caterpillars this term for their topic of life cycles. They've become her new obsession. Everyday she comes out of school with a new caterpillar fact to tell me. Today I learnt that caterpillar poop is black and very tiny small. Lol. 

Today after school we made cress caterpillars. It's a pretty straight forward craft to make and kept everyone amused for a good 20 minutes of decorating and seed sprinkling fun. 
 Hopefully in a weeks time we will be making delicious egg and cress sandwiches for dinner.

X x X

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Mini holibobs on IOW

On Friday the girls school was closed for teacher training. It was the perfect time to use our Sun holiday vouchers for a weekend break on the IOW!
This weekend we've ridden on ferries across the sea.

Petted the residents at a Donkey Sanctuary.

Enjoyed a Garlic Farm's adventure playground.

Eaten burgers on the top deck of a converted London bus. 

Hitched a lift on the dinosaurs of Black Gang Chine.

And made hundreds of wonderful memories that'll last forever.

Good use of a weekend, I think.

X x X