Friday, 23 September 2016

Frugal bracelets

I was taping a cardboard box earlier this morning to send a parcel, when the packing tape ran out. So I tried finishing the job with masking tape (the only tape to hand), which also promptly ran out. It just not my day is it? 

DD2 has picked up her first school bug of the year. It's only a little tummy bug and this morning has already seen a marked improvement all round.
I gave her one of the empty rolls along with some beads and wool. She is now happily watching Disney films while winding wool round the empty roll and adding beads as it occurs to her to do so.
It's just enough work to keep a tired mind and little fingers occupied. 


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Squeezing the laundry pennies

I noticed a few months back that we were purchasing washing powder more often than usual. A box just wasn't lasting as long as it used to. 
I started a tally chart on the lid of the next box and was shocked to find we were 15 loads short of the 52 washes! 
The culprit turned out to be the scoop. We used to use a small jam jar but for one reason or another it had been swapped with a larger one. 
I've replaced the jar with a small pringles tub carefully marked with a fill line.
Hopefully we'll soon be back on track and I can get our laundry back on budget. I'm keeping a simply tally chart inside of the lid to keep track.


Saturday, 17 September 2016

Quiet weekend

The girl's school have changed their approach to handwriting this year.  Instead of confusing the poor students with curly cursive they have now opted for a more simple unjoined approach.
Not knowing different DD2 should be fine with the change, but DD1 has been trying to write the old way for two years.

This weekend we will be practising the new way. DD1 seems to be taking to it quickly. She never quite got into the flow of cursive but already her writing speed is improving and her handwriting much neater.
As she is taking her SATS next year this can only bode well. It still feels like a bit of a curveball to throw the pupils though.

X X x

Friday, 16 September 2016

Frugal Halloween update.

I'm really pleased with my half term planning. I have a whole stash of ideas ready to go and plenty more on my Pinterest board.
Today I made felt pumpkins with fuzzy felt faces.
The pumpkins are actually pockets to store the face parts inside. It used up a few more small pieces from my felt stash. 

The Halloween folder where I am collecting everything is looking nicely stuffed.
So far it contains;

*Cleaver Golf
*tons of colouring pages
*DIY spooky book craft
*jigsaw puzzles
*fuzzy felt
*several paper dolls
*pumpkin faces (as mentioned above)
*activity sheets (again tons printed)

Not in the folder;
*cake decorating kit
*egg boxes for bats
*pumpkin pots 
*paper lanterns
*pumpkin shopping/carving/soup & baking.

Trips out planned;
*pumpkin shopping (local farm do a fab display)
*spooky walk (free annual event at garden centre)
* Free Halloween crafts at local shopping centre 

That's not to bad considering I have £20 left in my budget :)
And there's plenty of time to find even more things to do!


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Spring Planter project

I've been looking at some beautiful spring planters on Pinterest over the past few evenings. It's inspirefree me to try and  have a go at a mixed planter.
According to the many tutorials they are super easy to do and foolproof.  We will soon see.

Hopefully next spring this empty looking planter will be an artfully arranged display of daffodils, crocus and grape hyacinth. 
 I do like having something to look forward to as the grey cold months of winter pass by.

For now I will be enjoying this lovely display of buddleia flowers. They are making the lounge smell heavenly.


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

An emotional few days.

The time has come. Monday morning saw DD2 wearing her crisp new uniform and shiny school shoes.
I can't believe my chunky litype baby has become this cheeky not so little monkey already.

After her introduction session on Monday each member of her class came home clutching a little organza bag. A little survival kit for all us weepy parents sitting at home and fretting.

Two days in and the poor thing is already feeling the burn. Goodness knows how she'll be on Friday. 
 Goodness knows how I'll be by Friday the house is being given a hefty scrubbing as I try to keep myself distracted from clock watching.
 Many many projects are on the horizon.

X X x

Saturday, 10 September 2016

The real Pocahontus

Disney movies are a great source of entertainment for a dreary and wet Saturday.
Today's pick was, as you can probably guess was Pocahontus. While the kids were enjoying the film, I looked it up on Google. I was hoping to find some free colouring pages for the afternoon, but instead I found out that Pocahontus actually existed. 
Her story though is far different than the Disney film and well worth reading on Wikipedia. 
Her final resting place isn't actually too far away in Gravesend, Kent. 

It's tempted me to do some Native American inspired crafts and activities this week with the children.  I feel some Pinterest browsing coming on.