Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Project of the week

I'm getting super fed up with the amount of laundry this household produces. I understand of course that 5 people (3 small!) are going to make a substantial pile over the course of the week, but it's gotten to ridiculous levels.
So I'm focusing this week on making the job an easier one.
Job 1 is blitzing everyone's wardrobes.
The photo above is Gmans entire wardrobe!

Once I'd taken out all the outgrown bits, anything I didn't really like, anything marked or tatty, we actually had a lot less.
A handful of things have gone back into storage under his bed to be grown into, and a friend of a fiend will be gifted the decent looking cast offs. 

  As a reward for my hard work I visited my favourite clearance aisle!  I found curtains, bedding and decorative cushions to stash away for when we decorate the shared bedroom next month. £55 worth of stuff for just £8.98! I do love a bargain!

 X x x

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Decorating for Valentine's Day

 Our living room is looking very romantic.
After a fortnight of making various decorations we have almost run out of room for any new ones.
 It's been really fun watching the display strings filling up with creations though.

Now Valentines is almost here, we need to start thinking about our next project. 
Mummy needs to get planning!

X x x 

Friday, 3 February 2017

All the latest

It's been hectic in our household. Everything seems to happen at once doesn't it? Car break downs, extra hours at work, tummy bugs and much more besides.
However we have survived through and have returned back to you. 
So a family update.
G-man is happy and healthy. Currently working on teething his last few gnashers. 

DD2 is enjoying our home learning theme of celebrations this year. Chinese New Year went down well and we are currently working hard on Valentine's Day decorations.

DD has become obsessed with eating everything with chopsticks. It's proving both hilarious and annoying in equal measure. 
She also just lost her second tooth!

Hubby is still my biggest child and requires the most supervision of them all lol.
He's currently up for premotion at work so fingers crossed for that! 

And finally me!  I am recovering from the bug mentioned earlier but otherwise I'm doing okay. I'm currently working through the Beautiful Creatures book series when I get a few minutes spare from running around after everyone.

How are you all?


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Paper Chain Dragons

We started working on our Chinese New Year decorations yesterday. 
We put up some paper lanterns my parents kindly bought in Chinatown. I love the bright colours, they make the room really cheerful.

We made our dragons from scrap card, gold, silver and red metallic paper, and Chinese newspapers. The girls really enjoyed making them and it was a nice easy craft I could pretty much leave them do independently.
Tonight we will practising our chopstick skills ready for Saturday, using giant marshmallows!


Saturday, 21 January 2017

Daddies taking us to the zoo

Yesterday the girls had a bonus day off school. As the teacher training day coincided with payday we thought we'd go all out. 
We woke the children and bundled them up layers of clothes, hats and gloves. 

Being a chilly morning and early in the year, we practically had the zoo to ourselves. It was lovely to stroll at our own pace, use the bathrooms with queuing first and we had several chats with different keepers who were going about their daily chores.
I'd like to apologise to the Okapi keeper though  who was bombarded with questions about poop.
To be fair though one of them had just pooped right in front of us. The Okapi that is, not the keeper.

It was a really lovely day out.  Everyone arrived home tired out and bedtime was one of the easiest I have ever known! 


Thursday, 19 January 2017

Busy day

Today has been a really odd sort of a day. 
First we found a beautiful peacock butterfly on the way to school with our friends. 
The girls were fascinated with it and both gently held it on their gloved fingers. I wonder what it was doing over here in the middle of winter.

After the school we popped in to see my parents while our car was checked over. All of our internal lights aren't working, which is a huge pain in the darker months. Car seats are not easy to plug in without good lighting! My brother the mechanic thinks it's probably just a fuse so finger's crossed it's solved quickly.
We arrived back home just in time to get a phone call from the school about DD2. At some point during lunchtime she fell and hit her face on something in the playground.  She insists it was a fat red chair, we think she means a bench but there aren't any red benches in the playground. Because it was a head injury we had to pick her up. 
I'm really hoping she doesn't wake up with a shiner tomorrow.

Seeing as DD2 and Gman were at home with Daddy, I took the opportunity to surprise Dd1 with a mummy-daughter date. We had a lovely hot chocolate in a local cafe. It was nice to give her my full 1:1 attention for a little bit. 

Once home DD1 was in the mood for some home learning. We tried an idea I'd spotted on Pinterest for learning new spellings and it went down a storm. We'll definitely be trying this method again. It's so much fun.

Quite a day! I think I will spend the evening sitting quietly with my current book and some chocolates.


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

School again :(

DD1 came home upset this  afternoon. She said she'd failed her weekly spelling test. She cried on the bus journey home.
Knowing that the test was on the 19th I had planned a few activities for this evening and tomorrow to help her learn her current words. Things like window writing with foam,  wordsearches, letter hunting games etc. Tried and tested methods that had helped her learn difficult words before.
But instead they did it today. Two days ahead of schedule. 
She's upset, I'm upset and you can bet your derrière the school will equally upset tomorrow once I've been there and had words!!!