Thursday, 25 August 2016

Frugal Christmas: A tale of two jigsaws

I had hoped I could combine these two dinosaur jigsaw puzzles to make one complete one, but alas the puzzle gods were not feeling forgiving. 
 So instead we upcycled them.

We flipped all the pieces over and coloured the backs in with green marker pen. 
 My two glamorous assistant's were more than happy to do this part for me.

Then DH carefully superglued them together in a circle. He used a paper plate as a guide to make sure it was perfectly round. 
A few red buttons from the button tin and a piece of silver ribbon I saved from who knows where, added the finishing touches nicely.

I'm rather pleased with it.
What do you think?


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Radish Glut.

We came home from our holibobs to find a glut of radishes in the vegetable patch. Some were in mortal danger of becoming woody so we picked them all quickly.
Usually I pick a couple each day and munch them with my lunchtime sandwich or add them to the evening salad. Neither option would use up quite so many though. 

A hunt for inspiration on Pintrest found a whole host of pickled radish recipes.
So myself and my glamorous assistant DD2 knocked up a jar full to try out. They are fridge pickles so we can eat them after 24 hours. I will let you know what we all think.


Monday, 1 August 2016

Birds of Prey display

Today we spent the morning exploring the local model village and watching a bird display. Sadly for some reason almost all of my photos of the trip have been blurry. The two I do have I've shared with you here.

The girls loved the display, especially the tiny kestrel that wizzed around over everyone's heads. Goodness those birds are speedy!
It was nice to see even more of the village had been repaired and painted. The gardens were also looking freshly dug and full of pretty flowers.
I look forward to our next visit.


Sunday, 31 July 2016

Lifeboat Open day on Hayling Island

We spent a wonderful sunny morning at the beach today. 

Watching the lifeboats being launched and racing around the waves. It was fun to learn all about them and try on the helmets and other equipment. 

We also enjoyed cooling off with a gentle paddle. It was Gmans first time touching the sea and  he hated it. Hopefully a bit of exposure therapy over the holidays will change his mind.


Saturday, 30 July 2016

A gardening sort of a day

 Today's activity was garden themed small world play. The girls enjoyed planting seeds (dried pumpkin seeds) and making artificial flowers pop up. I found a sweet children's gardening set in Pound land. They loved the little trowel and watering can.

After spending the morning organising their mini garden, we walked to the local garden centre to look at the flowers. The reduction table was full of chilli plants so I snaffled two for £1 each. I went for mild varieties, hopefully we should get lots of use out of them :)

I spent the afternoon reporting my aloe Vera who have had an abundance of babies again this summer. Between the two parent plants I found 12.
Hopefully I'll be able to sell the surplus plants shortly. 

The parent plants are now living in the two biggest pots I own. I will look out for a cheap planter when they start selling off the summer stuff in the shops.

With the parent plants now way to big for my windowsill, they have been replaced with two of this year's Vera-lings. Hopefully they will be a successful as their parents, it seems to be a prime spot for success.


Monday, 25 July 2016

Picnic Prep

Just a quick post from me today, I'm afraid.
I've been busy in the kitchen baking cake, bread and sausage rolls to take with us tomorrow.
Nothing beats a nice homemade picnic.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Welcome to nature week

Week one of the holidays has officially begun in the Random household. As we are all still recovering from yesterday so it hasn't be a hugely active, but we did manage a short nature walk in the local park.

I saw the colourwheel idea on Pinterest.
The girls really enjoyed collecting all the different colours and it made for some interesting conversations.

DD2; Mummy? Can I stick the sky in my diary book?

Blue and red proved to be the hardest colours to find, but we persevered. 

We also collected a handful of leaves and flowers (dandilions, buttercups and daisys) for Baby G.
Using some zip lock baggies and budget hair gel we made sensory bags for him to explore. 
Over the course of the day we all had a good squishing session or two. It has a really satisfying texture to plat with.

X x X